Life Motivations and Consumer Segments
What are your life’s goals, dreams and aspirations? You may want many things in life but what is your key motivation of life? Chances are you may want one of the following more than the others…far more than the others. Which means your end goal or the key payoff you want from life is one of these. Which one?

Go ahead and select your prime motivation. Remember this may change as you age. So answer for the here and now.

Life Motivations and Consumer Segments

Which one of these do you associate yourself with?
Are you -

The Status Seeker
The Funny Peacenik
The Exploration Junkie
The Freedom Lover

Don’t think this gives you enough meat to decide where you belong? You are right. If you really want to know your primary life motivation, type in your email in the box below and we will email you a link to take a survey. We shall mail you a detailed analysis of what makes you tick - absolutely free!
Thank you for your interest in understanding the Life archetype/typolgy. We shall shortly send you a link to take a more detailed survey so that we can identify which is your predominant archetype.
The survey is short and should not take more than 5 minutes of your time. Happy answering!

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